Book*hug Press, 2018

“Often hilarious, always poignant, Aaron Giovannone’s The Nonnets scoop up handfuls of life and buoy them into air. These poems are to the heart as angel food cake is to the mouth.” —Larissa Lai, author of When Fox is a Thousand and Automaton Biographies

“With the poetic dexterity of a maestro, Aaron Giovannone’s The Nonnets takes us on a hilarious and unpredictable journey. If these amazing poems don’t make you think about how wondrous and doomed we are, if they don’t make you laugh and cry, then you are dead inside.” —Adam Dickinson, author of The Polymers, finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award and the Trillium Book Award 

“There’s a marvellousness in every single one of Aaron Giovannone’s magic nonnets: exquisite, surprising, crystalline bursts of light. The Nonnets is a book of the marvellous—its beauty and intelligence astound me.” —Jake Kennedy, author of Apollinaire’s Speech to the War Medic and Merz Structure No. 2 Burnt by Children at Play 


Insomniac Press, 2013

"With Wordsworthian ease and Conner family grit, Aaron Giovannone's The Loneliness Machine is a most welcome debut. Funny, heartfelt, edging itself where social media and poetry meet, a voice emerges that is tender, aware, and always attuned to the craft." David McGimpsey, author of  Li'l Bastard, finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award 

What's your plan tonight, guys? / Loneliness? / Poetry and loneliness?" Reading the book in the evening confirms that this is indeed your plan. A playful, mournful, fun and intelligent debut." —Jonathan Ball, Winnipeg Free Press

Giovannone cycles: he drifts from comedic lines to poignant ones then back again. That tidal movement proves that profundity and wit are not mutually exclusive in poetry.Jeffrey Aaron Weingarten, Canadian Literature